LA Adventures - A Los Angeles Travel Guide


L.A. Adventures: Eclectic Day Trips by Metro Rail Through Los Angeles and Beyond

Discover the best attractions in Los Angeles by rail.

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LA Adventures

The Los Angeles travel guide that makes it easy and fun to discover the

best attractions in LA by rail.

Published by: LA Electric Travel Books
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 978-0-9850885-3-8
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About this Travel Guide:


This travel guide is about exploring Los Angeles by rail. Our Only-in-LA day trips capture the cosmopolitanism of LA in eclectic travel adventures that crisscross the cultural and geographic borders of Los Angeles. In a single day, you could sail out to join the gray whale migration off Long Beach, joust light swords with a Darth Vader look-alike in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater, singe your taste buds silly with Penang curry as the Thai Elvis serenades you and wind down over cool jazz and cocktails in Little Tokyo.


We have day tours for every budget and energy level, from strenuous to "let me just chill." Bicyclists have plenty to choose from too; we've designed bike tours of historic Hancock Park and Pasadena's world-class architecture, plus we'll show you how to get to the beach so you can challenge the 22 mile South Bay Bike Trail that winds from Redondo Beach to Santa Monica. The best attractions in Los Angeles are included, plus a myriad of off the beaten path journeys that will take you to the heart of LA and beyond.


Each day includes everything you need to make your trip a success: where to go, how to get there and where to eat. Our day trips are full days, guiding you from breakfast to midnight snack, but you don't have to do it all; feel free to skip a meal or an attraction and move on to the next. If you prefer vegetarian fare or are looking for a farmers market, see our Farm to Table section. And if you need a meditative day just for yourself, check out the bonus chapter on LA's ten most peaceful places.





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