The Rail Travel Guide to 100 things to do in LA

15 Day Trips - 3 Bicycle Tours - 0 Gallons of gas


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LA Adventures: Eclectic Day Trips by Metro Rail Through Los Angeles and Beyond

By David Madsen & Elisa Makunga

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Description: Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States. With so much to see and a million things to do in LA, it can seem overwhelming. We know, we live here. Los Angeles also has an under-used metro rail system that goes from North Hollywood to Downtown, from Pasadena to Long Beach and through many off the beaten path neighborhoods. Most visitors to L.A. and indeed most Angelenos rarely use the metro rail system to discover the rich and colorful life of the City of the Angels. Here's an alternative for the days you don't want to deal with traffic, parking and high gas prices - L.A. Adventures. Download the guide, hop a train and find what you've been missing all along - you just might discover the blue Buddha at the car wash.

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