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Unique Gift Shops - Pasadena


Canterbury Records

Metro Station: Lake, Gold Line

Walking Distance: 9 minutes/0.5 mile

Address: 805 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91101

Phone: (626) 792-7184

Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-9pm; Sat 9am-9pm; Sun 10am-7pm




One of the last remaining vinyl record stores. Decades before there was Best Buy or iTunes, there was Canterbury Records. Since 1956, this independently owned record shop has made a point of NOT specializing; instead, they offer a tasty, eclectic assortment of unique vinyl and CD's. This is the place to exercise those dormant disk flipping muscles.




Folk Tree

Metro Station:Del Mar, Gold Line

Walking Distance: 4 minutes/.02 mile

Address: 217 S Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena 91105

Phone: (626) 795-8733

Hours: Mon-Wed 11am-6pm; Thurs-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 12pm-5pm



folk tree

The Folk Tree is one of our most unique gift shops, not just in Pasadena, but in all of Southern California. Dedicated to the art of Latin America and indigenous cultures from around the world, the Folk Tree is the place to go for Oaxacan folk art carvings, tin masks, and those hand painted shadow boxes depicting scenes from Latin America's turbulent history- a must for those serious about folk art decorating. Crammed with flying mermaids and Zapotec pottery, lanterns and ceramic figurines, the Folk Tree is a cluttered and colorful mini--museum.




Gold Bug

Metro Station: Memorial Park, Gold Line

Walking Distance: 3 minutes/0.2 mile

Address: 22 E. Union St., Pasadena 91103

Phone: (626) 744-9963

Hours: Sun, Mon 10am -5pm; Tues, Wed 10am-6pm; Thurs, Fri, Sat 10am-8pm



gold bug

Bling-wearing groundhogs, preserved butterflies and Amazonian moths, vintage medical charts, bronze-cast eyeballs, random taxidermy, sculpture and out-there handmade jewelry designs. Plus clothing to wear to your next English estate ball or pre-industrial masquerade party. Gold Bug feels like it was stocked by a time-traveling Victorian explorer, making it one of the weirder uber- unique gift shops in town.




Beyond The Olive

Metro Station: Memorial Park, Gold Line

Walking Distance: 4 minutes/0.2 mile

Address: 10 North Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103

Phone: (626) 844-3866

Hours: Tues-Thurs 11am -7pm;  Fri-Sat 11am - pm;  Sun 12pm - 7pm 



beyond olive

Who knew there were over 600 olive oil producers in California? Husband and wife owners Crystal and Chip Reibel will steer your palate to the best of them in their Pasadena emporium of extra virgin olive oil and vinegars. It’s a little pricey, but you probably aren’t going to find Peach White Balsamic vinegar or Crushed Lemon infused olive oil at your local Ralphs.  Buy a 4-6 pack sampler so you experiment with the different oils in your own kitchen.  If you buy from the vats, you can bring your bottle back for a refill. The store also stocks dips, tapenades and honeys and hosts occasional cooking classes and private tastings. We like their informal slogan: “Say no to foreign oil.




Distant Lands

Metro Station: Del Mar or Memorial Park, Gold Line

Waking Distance: 5 minutes/0.3 mile

Address: 20 South Raymond Avenue,  Pasadena, CA 91103

Phone: (626) 449-3220 toll free  (800) 310-3220

Hours: Hours: Mon-Thurs 10:30am- 8pm; Fri-Sat 10:30am - 9m; Sun 11am-6pm.



distant lands

A trip to Distant Lands Book and Travel store could be costly.  Not just because you may stock up on books about the Mogul Palaces of Rajasthan or load up on travel gear like neck pillows and pickpocket-proof adventure pants, but you’ll probably be inspired to buy a plane ticket, upgrade your camera, spend hundreds of dollars on visas and immunizations, take six months off from your job, fall behind in your rent or mortgage, forget all about Facebook, Twitter and Netflix, endure T.S.A. patdowns, jet lag, surly customs officials, death rattle cab rides, overcrowded ferries, overpriced hotel breakfasts, inscrutable tipping practices and that one Aussie who insists on telling you about the time he flew across the Andes in the sub-zero baggage compartment of a drug cartel’s smuggling plane… all to take that often-delayed, well-earned dream vacation.




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